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 To begin, you should have received your Log-in credentials via Email.
 Log into with your credentials.
     You should be signed-in under your Practice. To check; on the right-side of the site, you will see your name. Under that you have Working Context, underneath should be the name of your Practice.
      If you are not in your correct Practice, select the Change button next to Working Context on the top-right side of the screen. Then, in the pop-up window, select your Practice.
 Click on the Practices link on the left-side of the site.
     From here, you can manage the Practice or create a new Sub-Practice. Click Manage next to your Practice to edit it. Starting with the Practice Name, this is where you can change the name of your Practice.     Next is the logo, you can grab a picture of your practice and place it here. Next is the NPI and Tax ID, which has been filled out from the information you gave us. Next is Content Languages, you may change the languages by selecting the button English or the Edit button. Next, you have the Mirror Message, type a message in this space and it will display it on a banner in the Mirror Device. The Mirror Sound Bit is a way of adding sound to a Mirror Device for Interactive use, if you have a scripted message you want to play on a Mirror to direct the patient to use the device, you would add that sound file here.
     If you want to create a new Sub-Practice, follow the above steps, just click on Add New Sub-Practice. Note: you will need a new NPI and Tax ID, plus; you will need to contact Health-Mirror for another contract.
 While still logged into, click on Practices on the left-side of the screen, find your Practice, and click the Manage button next to it. Scroll to the top of the page and click Manage Site.
     From here, you can configure your Sites or add a new one. If you click the Green Icon next to your site, this will let you edit it. From here, you can rename the Site Name, configure the current Mirror Devices, and add new Mirrors if needed. If you want to add a new Site, underneath the Manage Site tab, click on Add New Site. The Practice Name should be what Practice you’re currently under. For the Practice Site Name, you would put the name of the new Site. After you input that information the button Add New Mirror will show, click on it to display the Mirror Details. It will ask you for how many Mirrors you would like for this Site, you can type in the number from here. Now you will need to fill in the Mirror details, this includes the Mirror Name (i.e. Room 1, waiting room, etc.…), Device Number, and Device Model Number. Also, you have the option to choose if any Mirrors will be Non-Interactive. Then you can click Save.

Configuring Users (Admin Only):
 While still logged into, click on Practices on the left-side of the screen, find your Practice, and click the Manage button next to it. Scroll to the top of the page and click Practice Users.
     From here, click on the Add New User button. Next, you will fill in the Personnel’s information. At the bottom, under Practice Detail, you have roles for each person you create. Assign the correct role for whomever you are creating. There must be at least 1 Practice Admin, 1 Practice Content Manager, 1 Practice Staff, and 1 Clinician (users may have multiple roles).
  • Practice Admins can make changes to the practice, site.
  • Practice users can run room utilization and patient interaction reports.
  • Practice Content Managers can edit, remove or add content and categories.
  • Practice Staff can assign patient-specific content to the mirrors or to patients at home.
  • Clinicians can manage content provided by Health Mirror and their practice content manager as well as their own personal content.
     For each Staff member, a drop-down will appear with (All Sites in Practice), this indicates which site the staff members will be at.
     For the Clinicians, it’s a bit different. When you select Clinician as a role, you are presented with the drop-down for (All Sites in Practice) and a drop-down with (Choose from available Clinician Specialties). First, you select which Site the Clinician is going to. Then for the Specialties, you will select his/her Specialty from the list by clicking on the Blue Plus button. Then, under User Details, you will find that a new field has appeared. This is for the Clinician’s NPI number, type that in, and click on Save at the bottom.
 Log into, click on Categories on the left-side of the site. If you have multiple Practices/Sites that you want to add categories to, you can select them from the Change Libraries button.
     If you want to view the content within a category, simply click on the category’s image. To add a category, click on Add New Category. Under Category Details you have Category Name. Here you type in the name for the new category. Next is IsDefaultSelected, what this means is if a patient is assigned Content, do you want to automatically present this category to them. Next is the Display Option, this determines whether or not the Category is visible to inheriting libraries.
     Once you are done with the above, you can click on Add Language, this gives a drop-down bar with a few options. First; choose the Language that this Category will be using, then give it a Title and a Description. Then, if you want to give the Category’s Language a Thumbnail/Image, you can select Browse under Thumbnail and select an image to use. When done, click on the Blue Plus Button to the right, this will add the new language into the Category. At the bottom, you have an option to Add Specialties. If this new Category falls under an old/new Specialty, then you may select it from here. When you are done, click Save.
 While still logged into, click on Content on the left-side of the site. If you have multiple Practices/Sites that you want to add content to, you can select them from the Change Libraries button.
     If you want to view what’s inside a piece of content, simply click on the content’s image.
To add new content, click on Add New Content. Under Content Details, you have Content Name, Gender, and Age. For Content Name, you can type in whatever name you want for the new content being created. For Gender and Age, you will select the correct variables for which it applies to the new content. Next is the Display Option, this determines whether or not the Content is visible to inheriting libraries.
 Next you have Media Content Type, this allows you to select where you are grabbing the content from. You have three options; File on your Server, Internet .mp4 link, or YouTube Share link. Select the appropriate option for the new content.
     Next, you have a drop-down bar with six options; Language- select the language to which you are applying to this content. Title- type in what the name of this content is. Select File- Select the content file (Either Video/Image). Viewing Time/View Type- type in the total amount of time you want the image to be displayed (For videos, it automatically calculates the total time). Apply Custom Thumbnail- If you want to add an image over top of the video’s thumbnail, you select it here. When done, you click the Blue Plus Button; this adds the information into the content.
     Next you have Default Priority. This affects Auto-Play videos. If you have multiple auto-playing videos in a category and you want certain ones to be played first; you would select its Priority level from 1 (Plays First) to 10 (Plays Last).
     Toward the bottom of the page, you have three more options. Assign Categories- Select this to assign a Category to this piece of Content. Add Specialties- Select this to assign a Specialty to this piece of Content. Add Codes- Select this to add specific medical codes to this content. When you are done, click Save.
     Go back to the Home Screen by clicking on the Health-Mirror Logo at the top-left side of the site. On the right-side; underneath the box, Messages, you should have Batch Reviews waiting. Batch Reviews let you select new content/categories to insert into your Practice. You will have the option to select individual content/categories or select all of them to import into your Practice. Go ahead and select all the categories/content that you have created and accept them into your Practice. That’s it.

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