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 Log into with your Staff credentials.
 On the right-side of the page, you have the Working Context that you are in. (Make sure that you are signed in as the Staff from the Practice that you want to be sending Content from).
 If a user has multiple roles, they will need to select Assign Patients on the left menu. In the middle of the page you have a drop-down labeled Select Site. Click on it. This will display all the current Sites under the Practice that you are in. Find the Site that you want to start assigning content to and select it, then click Set Site underneath it. Note: If you need to change the site that you are in, simply click on the Change Site button at the top-left side, underneath the Working Context label, and select the new site.
     The first thing you need to input is the Patient’s ID number, once you have typed that in, go down to Target Content By. From here, select the Age, Gender, and Language that you will be sending your content to. At the bottom you have Mirror and Clinician Details. For Clinician, click on the drop-down and select the Clinician that the patient is seeing. For the Mirror, click on the drop-down and select which Mirror you are sending the content to. If the patient wants the information for later use, you can select, Send email to Patient. This way they can view the information via email.
 Before you send the content, on the right-side, you will be given Categories to select from. Select which Categories to send to the patient and then click Send to Mirror. That’s it.

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