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Locking Down Health Mirror App for iPad 2 or newer

To insure that patients and their tech savvy children don’t access the internet from your iPad Mirror Device you need to use the Guided Access feature of your iPad to keep it locked down. 

1. Go to Settings on your iPad

2. Go to General, then choose Accessibility

3. In Accessibility, under Learning**, choose Guided Access click this ON.

4. Tap Set Passcode- Enter a 4 digit passcode, re-enter the 4 digit passcode.  Don’t lose this passcode otherwise you could become locked in an app

5. Still in Learning, turn Accessibility Shortcut On which enables Triple-click the home Button for Guided Access.  Then Exit Settings.

6. Turning on Guided Access, which “locks down” the Mirror App, for allowing safe patient control of your iPad is easy:

  1. Open the Mirror App
  2. Triple Click on the home button
  3. This app is now locked and cannot be exited unless home button is triple clicked and passcode entered followed by END.  (to adjust lock down settings triple click a second time, enter passcode then adjust and click on resume).

Un-Locking Mirror App-

  1. Triple Click the home button
  2. Enter Passcode
  3. Touch end in the top left hand corner
  4. Click on Home Button

**Trouble Shooting-

  • Can’t find Learning under Guided Access- Then you need to check your device software.  Guided Access is not present on iPad 1.  You can check device by tapping on Settings icon, then tap on General, then tap on About, look at your Version.  It should be 6.0 or higher.  To look for available updates back out to General then click on Software Update, tap on Install Now if update pending.
Updated 11/15/13

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